Since 2012, Eventime has organised and co-produced more than 150 events in France and abroad. You will find below some of our client’s references.


‪”The French Committee for Hydrogeology called upon the company Eventime to provide the secretariat for the 43rd IAH CONGRESS that we are organising, from the 25th to the 29th of September 2016, in Montpellier.
In this context, as “Chair» of the scientific committee of the congress, I was able to appreciate the ergonomics and capabilities of the computer interface that allows online registration and the collection and evaluation of delegates’ submission proposals.
This interface has allowed over 850 attendees to register online and submit their abstracts.
The interface is extremely user friendly; delegates who did not adapt to it were few and far between, and this reduced our workload. In addition, the Eventime staff ensures quality online support (by email or phone), which allows us to inform and / or immediately reassure delegates who request assistance. It is the same with regard to the Scientific Committee.
Its members have all been able to assess, with great ease, the résumés that were assigned to them, without the need for special training to use the system.
On the back office, we as organizers have at our disposal and in real-time, the choice of an access to the database or MS Excel extractions which then allow us to make selections, contact the authors, etc., thus organizing the congress in a comfortable manner. In short, this package (IT + Eventime staff) made us highly efficient in the organisation of this event which had very tight completion deadlines.”

Patrick Lachassagne
President of the Scientific Committee of IAH 2016

‪“Eventime as we seek to organise the Paris International Shoulder Course every two years and the International Symposium of the Hand Institute, has shown in recent years their efficiency and professionalism.

Indeed, thanks to their expertise and know-how, we have achieved an excellent book of abstracts and focus our efforts on scientific quality of our program.

Also using the powerful, flexible and user friendly digital solutions of Eventime, we were able to regularly sent reminders to participants, increasing significantly the final number of the delegates attending our conferences.

We will definitely continue to work with Eventime.‪”

Pr. Philippe Valenti
Chairman of the Paris International Shoulder Course