Specialist in organising scientific and medical conferences, Eventime puts its expertise at the service of Associations to offer customized solutions, tailored to their project.

Digital Solutions

Fully aware that numerous organizations need greater flexibility and adaptability in the management of their event and for their participants, Eventime now offers a digital platform, both adaptable and customizable.

Designed and developed in-house, and based on 20 years of experience, our digital solutions Regtime, Bookingtime© and Abstractime© are constantly tested and updated.

With white label and/or specific color labelising for your event or Venue, we manage all operational processes, missions and IT developments.

  • More about Bookingtime©
    • An easy and intuitive digital tool …. without commercial pop-up
    • A customizable platform based on the graphic charts of your event/Venue
    • A fixed preferential rate available until the opening day of your event
    • The possibility to modify, without charge, a reservation
    • Rooms guaranteed until D- 30
    • Pricing information on all selected hotels
    • A hotel map with practical information
    • Group registration
    • A secure online payment
    • Extended stays available
  • More about Regtime©
    • Adaptable and customizable
    • Possible to create a personal account, which stores all of your profile’s information from one edition to the next
    • Frequent reporting in real time
    • Group Management
    • Confirmation letters to the event automatically generated
    • All types of payment accepted: online, checks, order forms and bank transfer
    • All confirmations automatically sent (registration, payment, etc.)
    • Management listings and traceability of visits
  • More about Abstractime©
    • Our online abstract submission software AbstracTime© is the result of years of experience in the field of scientific secretariat for all size conferences/congresses.
    • On-going development based on similar situations and customer needs through continuous contact with users, speakers and scientific committees.
    • More than just a computer interface, AbstracTime© offers real assistance by professionals, as well as a back office available to all submitters, Scientific Committees and users with login and password.

For more information about Regtime©, Bookingtime© or Abstractime©, please contact us.

General coordination and logistics

Before the event:

  • Bank account and financial process set-up
  • Provisional budget, missions check-list and contract
  • Timeline and constant budget follow-up
  • Supplier Selection and coordination of all suppliers
  • Hotline

During the event:

  • Set-up and management of all areas (welcome desk, exhibition, posters, etc.)
  • Briefing and team coordination (internal and external staff)
  • On-site assistance


After the event

  • Debriefing and satisfaction surveys
  • Complete financial report


Registration management

  • Customizing and set-up of the registration platform (Regtime)
  • Sending confirmation
  • Invoicing, financial follow-up and accounting
  • Statistics
  • Group registration
  • Pack delegates management (bags, badges, certificate of attendance ….)
  • On-site: registration desk set-up and assistance
  • Post-event: sending, collecting and analyzing surveys
  • Sending thank you letters
  • Complete financial report

Booking management

  • Hotel site inspection
  • Negotiation and reservation of rooms, contract
  • Customizing and set-up of our on-line booking platform (Bookingtime©)
  • Group or individual booking
  • Full payment process and follow-up (credit card, check, bank draft, order forms, etc.)
  • Booking modifications
  • Sending rooming-lists
  • On-site assistance if required (pending group size)

Industry liaison and exhibition management

  • Creating exhibition and sales manual for sponsors (including order form and contract)
  • Opening designated bank account
  • Designing full exhibition plan
  • Collecting and implementing new prospect data base
  • Phone prospection and sales
  • Invoice follow-up
  • Regular financial and sales report
  • On-site assistance during set-up and dismantle
  • Post- event statistics
  • Sending, collecting and analyzing surveys
  • Fully detailed final financial report

Marketing and digital communication

“Content is Key, Marketing is King”

Edition & Web

  • Designing and creating all brochures (programs, save the date, etc.)
  • Designing and creating full event website (home page, programs, technical information, etc.)



Marketing & promotion

  • Implementing existing and new database
  • Creating and sending on-going e-mail campaigns
  • Creating and sending newsletters
  • Attending similar events for on-site promotion and sales
  • Community management and social medias

Scientific secretariat & abstracts management

Abstracts management

  • Definition of requirements with Scientific Committee
  • Full set-up of the submission platform (Abstractime ©)
  • Sending submission URL and implementation of our platform on the event’s website
  • Set-up of all reviewing and rating procedures
  • Designated account with secure password for submitters, reviewers, etc.
  • Automatic notifications sending
  • Real -time programme synchronization with various online media (website, app, etc.)
  • Hotline & support

Scientific secretariat

  • Correspondence with invited speakers and guests
  • Sending confirmation and collecting materials (short CV, texts, etc.)
  • Constant update of the scientific program in liaison with the SC.
  • Travel (if required) and accommodation booking
  • Hotline and on-site assistance

Destination Management (DMC)

Eventime dispose d’une licence d’agent de voyage.
With our travel licence, our group coordination department can assist you in managing and hosting your guests (travel, transfers, accommodation, conference registration and social program)

  • Managing the registration of your guests planning to attend meetings
  • Transfers and accommodation management
  • Management of social events (Tour & dinners)
  • On-site assistance by our staff in charge of the group
  • Financial management and invoicing (hotel deposit, agencies, restaurants, …)
  • Group insurance
  • Hotline & Assistance