Keen amateur of great literary classics (X-Men, The Fantastic 4, Spiderman, Pif Gadget comic, …) and of cinema (Star Wars, Arthur and the Minimoys,…), Christophe has always shown interest in human relationships and cultural masterpieces.

After obtaining a first class prize in drama from the Conservatory of Montpellier and a Teaching Diploma from the Jean Périmony Drama School (Paris), Christophe began his career by founding a theatre school in Beziers. After three years of artistic activity, he finally took a professional U-turn by integrating the event & marketing services of the Tornier Group, specialized in surgical implants, within which he officiated for fifteen years. He later joined the “dark side of the force”, initially by integrating a French PCO agency as international project manager.

He finally joined EVENTIME as Sales Manager in charge of partners and of industry, so as to bring his knowledge and expertise to the commercial development of the group’s dossiers.