Hélène Dallais

As a true sportswoman, Hélène loves a challenge. Her latest was the famous Marseille-Cassis race, which she completed with enthusiasm while admiring the landscapes of her childhood. What’s next? No doubt she’ll be bettering her golfing skills, a sport she only discovered recently. Hélène is always on-the-go, forever where the action is. She’s forward thinking and curious, her husband, her 3 children, her 2 dogs and … her 4 parrots are never far behind!


Hélène graduated from business school and quickly specialized in marketing as project manager at Colloquium where she started work in the field of congress organization. While at first she managed the agency’s operational aspects, she quickly became interested in communications and learned of the great importance of international association events. She went on to create a communications agency within the group entirely dedicated to catering to the needs of professional associations.


By joining Eventime, Hélène was eager to return to what was closest to her heart; off-the-beaten-track thinking and implementation, and adopting the right tactics in the wake of the chosen strategy!