Always moving around on her high heels, Marjorie spreads her optimism everywhere she goes while balancing between her family life, her career and her many interests like dancing, a passion that she shares with her daughters, cooking good food, reading crime books, listening to some music and sewing.

Graduated from a Master’s degree in International Business, Marjorie begin her professional career as a Sales Assistant in an international company before becoming an Executive Assistant, a pivotal and versatile role through which she will perform among other things, her first HR missions. Attracked by this field of expertise, she then decides to initiate a validation process and obtain the IAE Toulouse’s Human Resources Management Master in 2017.

By joining Eventime as Head of Human Resources at the end of 2018, she wants to bring her newly acquired expertise and fresh eyes to the team, but also to discover the world of events, an area of ​​activity different from her industry experience.